Introducing Social Collaboration. Opterus has taken its philosophy for simplicity, yet with no compromise to functionality, and has addressed the need for social collaboration within retail organizations. Most organizations recognize that employees are their single biggest asset. 

So why not take all the necessary steps to cultivate and expand the cooperative spirit that already exists within your brand. Because of the intrinsic one-way nature of older retail communications methods, there is limited feedback between the operations team, corporate management and associates. These inefficiencies often result in overworked managers

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Existing OPSCENTER users are already setup. Just download the app, adjust your permissions to determine who can chat, post & comment and it’s ready to go. If you are new to Opterus, it’s still very easy to get started with Holler. The Opterus team can work with you to set up your associates and administer them over time. The data within Holler is safe, secure and yours, just like with OPSCENTER.
  • No training required, users already know how to use apps just like Holler.
  • Associates can stop using non-approved chat and sharing apps.
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  • Holler uses the same accounts as OPSCENTER but allows you to set permission controls. And if you want to add more associates to use Holler, just set them up with a free OPSCENTER account.
  • Create your own Terms of Service policy that users must accept to use Holler.
  • iOS & Android Apps and notifications
  • Multi-Lingual app UI
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• Person to Person Chats and Group Chats
• Profile Pics and Bios
• Search for Users based on name and store
• Share pictures
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News Feed

• A companywide news feed for sharing news and status updates
• Post Pictures or text updates
• Like and /or comment on a post
• Reply to a comment
• Filter the Feed by your store hierarchy
• Decide who can See the feed, who can post, and who can comment
Holler Feeds

Company wide news feeds for sharing news and status updates

Holler Chat

Person to person chats and group chats

“At Porsche Design we are committed to ‘delivering the exceptional’ in our stores.  Integrating OPSCENTER into this mission gave our teams a tool that can help cut through the noise and focus on what really matters: our customers.”

Porsche Design of America