By: Janet Hawkins, CEO & Founder Opterus Inc.

Communication is used in everything we say and do. It’s the glue that connects us with each other, but you need the right glue for each situation. Retailers need a solution that will be the glue that can solve their very specific communication needs and challenges.  

Good communication and connection are key to your success.  Feedback and compliance from your teams is important to not only strengthen your relationships with your associates but strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers. Your associates will look to you for clear communication.  The best retailers are almost always the ones with the best communication process. That starts by making sure everyone on your team understands your vision and how their work contributes to it.  Connection and clear communication create confident, motivated associates verses an unproduction team with low morale.

In general, connecting should be about the other person.  We often hear how important effective communication is yet, we seldom hear why it is necessary. It can help you leverage the impact you have with your associates. By effectively communicating, you will influence them and make them feel valued. Communication is knowledge, it encourages connection, and it breeds action.  Transparency and clarity will help explain why your associates are doing what they are tasked to do, making them feel part of the task execution, not just the one executing tasks. 

You can’t find or keep great associates if you don’t communicate effectively. For retailers who use the right tool for effective communication and use it well, anything is possible! 

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