About Ollie's

The first Ollie’s store opened in Mechanicsburg, PA in 1982. Since then, they have grown to become one of the largest extreme-discount retailers in America. Currently operating 400+ store locations in 28 states and growing.


Ollie’s was using various forms of communication from email to monthly paper binders with tasks and checklists to be completed in-store. There was limited accountability or ability to see what tasks were actioned and which messages were read at the head office level. In addition, Ollie’s has an extensive “new store team” with a rapid growth plan. As Ollie’s location footprint continues to grow fast, they needed a consistent and reliable communication vehicle with remote access for Field Managers on the road visiting stores


Opterus’ OPSCENTER solution solved Ollie’s main retail operational challenges: Accountability, visibility and remote access! OPSCENTER has become the centralized communication and compliance tool for all head office to store communication. Ollie's can now present all communications, links and documents digitally in the Dashboard Module. There is also a section called "Daily Focus" for visibility on the store level - showing the status of current Tasks and Messages. District Managers are able to access OPSCENTER remotely or while on site visits in stores