About GrowHealthy

Dedicated to helping patients live healthier, happier lives through the production of premium-quality cannabis products. Currently operating 22 stores throughout the state of Florida, with robust expansion plans for the future.

Challenges for Cannabis Retail

As the Cannabis legal market continues to grow, companies have an incredible opportunity to expand their brick-and-mortar footprint. Previously an illicit market, retailers are faced with old stigmas, and working to operate as a traditional retailer but with many more regulations in place. GrowHealthy knew they had to get the right technology, as they continued to expand, to simply and effectively manage and execute store tasks and communications so that they could continue to meet compliance, educate their teams, and easily replicate processes at new stores.


OPSCENTER has become a centralized tool for all communications, sales information, training, and employee recognition. This has led to enhanced training compliance, higher employee engagement, and reduction in spend on operational tools.
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Creating and Curating Retail Operations with Opterus' OSPCENTER!

With successful and rapid growth, it was clear to Hannah Lewis that GrowHealthy would need a dynamic SaaS solution to meet her evolving retail operations needs. Today, with OPSCENTER her and her team can easily distribute (and report on) all communications, ensure product training is readily accessible and completed, and that sales data and pertinent documents can be found in one spot. Furthermore, the easy implementation makes onboarding new bricks-and-mortar store teams seamless and quick.