By: Janet Hawkins, CEO & Founder Opterus Inc.

No matter what time of the year it is, it’s always a great idea to refine your processes. The pandemic has made retailers reconsider tried and true processes. You need an effective and productive way to communicate and get compliance on your corporate directives because connection and execution within your stores has never been more important.  


Some shoppers are still anxious about being in stores for too long. Strategies to rethink your store format are communicated to associates who then make sure high-frequency items are closer to the door, both to enhance and improve productivity and customer experience.  Making sure stores have the correct signage and layouts so store flow can be optimized can be handled simply within OPSCENTER.   


This pandemic has also made us rethink store cleanliness.  It has now become a crucial part of the shopping experience. Having oversite on the cleaning policies you must now have in place can make a difference in providing a safe space for your customers to shop.  Leveraging OPSCENTER’s recurring tasks to remind associates of cleaning checklists and sanitation policies makes it easy to know you are doing what you can to keep your shoppers as safe as possible.   


Dark stores may be becoming a think of the past, but fulfilment centers are popping up everywhere as retailers continue to leverage curbside pickup. OPSCENTER is being used by our clients to communicate to fulfilment centers and ensure customer support and frontline associates can fulfill online orders effectively.   


It’s never a bad time to promote positive morale among your associates. Opterus’ Holler is a social collaboration tool designed specifically for retailers. It’s great way to do communicate, encourage, and honor your associates. Your private corporate data within Holler is safe, secure and yours! With person to person or group chats or using feeds, your associates can celebrate each other strengthening the entire team. 

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