Together, Opterus and Blue Yonder will boost employee productivity, engagement and retention

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Opterus, the leading provider of cost-effective, cloud store communications and task management solutions, today announced a partnership with Blue Yonder, a leader in digital supply chain transformation and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Through the partnership, Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management solution and supply chain technology will connect with Opterus’ task execution and capacity planning solutions, including OPSCENTER and OPSEngine.

Together, Opterus and Blue Yonder elevate the retail employee experience through end-to-end task management, associate communication and workflow visibility. The partnership not only allows retailers to safeguard data, support legal compliance among states and attract and retain employees, but it also allows retail managers to easily oversee time and payroll, automate schedules and improve long-range planning.

“Our partnership with Opterus allows us to provide our customers and prospects with the industry’s most complete task management and store communications solution,” said Dave Hamilton, senior director of retail industry strategy, Blue Yonder. “By combining Opterus’ hierarchal capabilities, user and role permissions, labor planning and workflow tools with our Workforce Management solution, Blue Yonder makes it easier than ever for retailers to manage all the complexities of store operations.”

Opterus continuously strives to streamline store operations, task execution and communications for retailers. In 2022, Opterus announced the release of OPSCENTER 22.1, a new version of its task management solution that solves retail-specific execution challenges, as well as the release of OPSEngine, a packaged set of APIs that provides retailers access to all of OPSCENTER’s features through a seamless integration into a brands’ internal systems. Now, with Blue Yonder, Opterus is able to provide an extensive solution for retail workforce management and task management.

“This partnership is a win-win for retailers,” said Gary Stonell, SVP of sales and operations, Opterus. “Our partnership with Blue Yonder allows Opterus to expand our task and communications capabilities with a comprehensive, best-in-class workforce management solution. Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management solution complements our core capabilities, providing retailers a seamless, end-to-end offering.”

Opterus’ GraphQL APIs feed into Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management solution, allowing an easy integration and more seamless experience for customers.

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About Opterus Inc.

Opterus Inc. is a leading global provider of a cost-effective, easy-to-implement store information and execution management solution that increases productivity and improves retail enterprise communications. Opterus’ OPSCENTER software is an on-demand, web-based retail portal designed to communicate corporate policy and day-to-day objectives between corporate office and store locations. Deployed in over 45 countries in 30 different languages, the solution is specifically designed for retail operations, and provides store personnel with clear, concise and timely direction, along with the proper tools to best do their jobs to support corporate initiatives. Opterus is based in Toronto, Ontario. For additional information, visit opterus.com.


Maya Halabi
Ketner Group Communications (for Opterus)
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