Lindt USA’s, Retail Operations Specialist, wins Retail Touchpoints Innovator Award for using OPSCENTER to roll-out a COVID-19 compliance communications strategy!

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Operational readiness through OPSCENTER meant Lindt was prepared to reopen each location immediately upon governmental or mall clearance. The competency Lindt has in the retail industry was evidenced by being one of the first retailers open and ready for safe shopping. Their preparedness assures employees, customers, landlords, and the communities in which Lindt operates that they are steadfast, reliable, and strong at a time when the retail industry is facing significant challenges.



In 2020, the global health pandemic swiftly spread around the world. Seemingly overnight, retailers were closing their doors as shut-downs were implemented to reduce the impact of COVID-19. The Retail Operations Specialist at Lindt USA, was faced with the challenge of implementing closures and then reopening Lindt Chocolate Shops across North America.



OPSCENTER was the nerve center that Lindt used to facilitate efficient and effective communications, tasks, training, and compliance during critical store closures and again when the stores began to reopen. To facilitate this, Lindt created a Reopening Dashboard in OpsCenter, which functioned as the central hub of the reopening direction and communication. All information was presented in numbered order so that store managers would know exactly where to begin.


Being one of the first retailers open also allowed Lindt to connect with the most intrepid, early consumers eager to get back to shopping. These early shoppers provided a vital stream of revenue and valuable feedback on the shopping experience Lindt had created for the COVID world.


The Lindt Chocolate Shop reopening’s were highly successful in that the store personnel were clear about the steps involved in their operational and consumer readiness, thanks to the Reopening Dashboard and other communication features in OpsCenter. Consumers shared that they felt secure and confident shopping with Lindt because of the safety measures that were in place and because the staff demonstrated expertise and assuredness throughout the shopping experience.

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