By: Janet Hawkins, CEO & Founder Opterus Inc.

Retailers are still experiencing labor shortages and increased turnover.  They continue to need a way to both onboard and train frontline associates to give them the skills they need to support their team and improve the customer experience. Opterus can help.

  • Retailers need to put information at frontline associates’ fingertips so they can keep pace with customers. Using OPSCENTER, with our mobile first strategy, your team can access anything that is meant for them to know, acknowledge, and execute on right from their phone or tablet. It’s also a great way to engage with Gen Y & Z associates who are used to swiping and scrolling and don’t want to sit passively reading something in the back room.  Instant access results in faster knowledge acquisition.
  • The tool you give your associates should be intuitive and easy to navigate. This includes some of your older works who might not be very tech savvy.  It should look and feel familiar allowing them to see only information that is meant for them because of who they are, what their role is or where they are located, etc.  They can log into the solution and know everything they are seeing is for them and they don’t have to weed through anything that is not for to them.
  • A top priority of effective onboarding is to get new associates up to speed on the basics as soon as possible. Communication and training shouldn’t stop once the associate has been successfully onboarded.  Retail has become a fast-paced environment and you need the store associate to be able to learn and act on new product information, market trends or news and pop-culture events that may impact your retail sector.  Simple access to any information you are disseminating to the stores needs to be easily, clearly and effectively communicated so associates can build real relationships with their customers by staying on top of your makes your brand unique. 

Your highly informed associates with bring you numerous advantages including increased productivity, improved retention and morale, greater efficiency for managers and senior staff and an increase in sales. If you want to learn more about onboarding and learning through OPSCENTER, please reach out to us and we will be happy to walk you though it.