By: Janet Hawkins, CEO & Founder Opterus Inc.

As we ramp up for 2022’s peak shopping period, amidst uncertain market conditions, rising costs, and the fear of a potential recession, how can you get the most out of the holiday season? If you want to attract and convert customers during the industry’s biggest sales period, now is the time to prepare.


  • Promotions will help conversion rates rise at your stores. Expand your promotions and start early.  By starting early, you can spread out the shopping season and potentially reduce any issues you might have with shipping and out of stock inventory.  Oversight to confirm promotions are done on time and correctly is essential to success.


  • Prepare for the unexpected. We’ve learned a lot over the past couple of years about resiliency and we know that it takes good, fast communication and reporting visibility. 


  • If you haven’t yet, start bringing in new team members/temporary help to handle the holiday rush.  This can be a lot easier if you use your communications solution to onboard new associates and make sure they get all the information they need to be successful throughout the busy season. Reach out to existing associates for referrals, perhaps incent them for successful referrals.


  • Consumers say the ‘special treatment’ is important. Whether it’s early access to products or promotions, member only events or exclusive gifts, ensure compliance at your stores so you can delight your customers. Having a loyal customer base is a huge advantage. Keep in mind, driving your customers to your stores is only successful when your stores and store associates are ready for them.