By: Janet Hawkins, CEO & Founder Opterus Inc.

There are several point solutions available that provide specific associate onboarding for the retail industry.  But, like other point solutions, they can be replaced with Opterus’ OpsCenter, your one-stop-shop, to successfully getting the job done. Successful onboarding requires a strategy, a process, and the right technology to support the process.  All the better if that technology is the dedicated tool for your associate communications.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Associates that go through a well-structured onboarding program are much more likely to stay at a company longer. This is a huge benefit in today’s retail climate.  And it primes them for success right out of the gate. 


By taking advantage of the functionality in Opterus’ OPSCENTER Certifications module you can guide a new associate through the new hire orientation and training.  You can provide an overview of the first few days, week, etc.  Outline the onboarding process and link to task that are all steps that need to be completed for that process. These can include completing HR documents, reviewing and understanding safety protocols, leaning how to clock in and clock out, and watching training and product videos.  


Your new associate will also now be comfortable in your day to day communications tool.  This is where they will continue to go to access relevant documents and guidelines, like your employee handbook, get all their communications, tasks, and any information they need to excel at their job.  You can begin engaging with your associate on day 1 and continue to engage, train, and certify them as they grow within your organization. 

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