By: Janet Hawkins, CEO & Founder Opterus Inc.

One of my favorite quotes about the service industry comes from Richard Branson; “Clients do not come firstEmployees come firstIf you take care of your employeesthey will take care of the clients.”


When you use technology that supports messaging to stores, using retail hierarchy roles and other traits, it ensures you always get the right information to the right associates without them having to sift through messages that aren’t relevant to their location, store type or role.  Associates can rapidly get up to speed on customer issues, brand messaging, products, etc., that empowers them to build relationships with customers that exist within and across store visits.  


Improving the in-store shopping experience for your customers should be top of mind for any retailer. That starts with improving the culture of your organization, being inclusive at all levels and retaining great associates.  This takes focused and purposeful communication.  Besides helping your store associates be more successful at completing tasks, to make sure the store looks good with the most current merchandise and promotions all in the right places, the efficiencies gained by utilizing OPSCENTER will make your associates more knowledgeable and give them more time to engage with customers in a significant way.  


Your customers will have a more relevant and delightful shopping experience, if they are recognized, understood, perhaps inspired.  Associates armed with up-to-date information will be ready with the correct expertise on your messaging and merchandise, etc., to help customers, in the moment, which will enhance your customer’s journey and keep them coming back.