The Retail Store Experience


In today’s environment, retailers know that they need to be creative when it comes to acquiring and retaining loyal customers.  This can mean creating unique in-store experiences and launching new campaigns much more often than in the past.  These need to be considered along with your core strategy around pricing, location, and merchandise. Effective communication with the field and store associates is the best way to ensure your strategy comes together and makes a difference. 


There is no doubt that executing an effective strategy has tangible and far-reaching impact on your business.  Not only can it increase traffic to your store, but also increase sales and ensure your brand is positioned correctly to allow differentiation from your competitors.  When your stores are set up the way you want, it can boost customer understanding and enjoyment in your brand and products and therefore sales.  A cohesive message across your locations helps narrate your message, educate customers, and ultimately make your store a more desirable place to shop. 


You need to create a space that your customers don’t want to leave, at least for a while.  To manage that, it’s important to be able to make adjustments to the store on the fly, to continue to spark curiosity for your walk-ins and make it easy for them to look around and shop.  How your products and services are displayed adds an intrinsic value, and your customers can assume a lot about your brand and what it stands for from their in-store experience.  Customers, along with other retailers, some being competitive, will get their perception and value of your brand because of your in-store environment. 


So, what your store looks like and is how it’s perceived, plays a role in how you position yourself in the market and more importantly, how you can reposition yourself when you feel you are incorrectly aligned. Staff retention rates as even seen to be higher when associates are more engaged and proud of their work.  Correct positioning impacts every facet of your retail brand. 


The goal is to make your store stand out, creating a brand and experience that customers are drawn to.  Though effective and streamlined communication you can create consistency across all your locations that will communicate your brand and continue to retain and grow your customer base.