As detailed in the National Retail Federation’s 6 things to know about the 2022 holiday shopping season “Retailers are preparing for early holiday shopping. Meanwhile, the labor market is still not functioning anywhere close to normal as it did prior to the pandemic. Available workers have been hard to find to match job openings.” So, what can retailers do help fill their job openings and effectively onboard new hires?


In Opterus’ recent coffee catch up we tackled this very question as we talked all things holiday hiring. Here are the top ways to address holiday hiring challenges and efficiently onboard new hires to drive employee engagement and sales.


Employee referral program


Studies have found that referred new hires are often a better culture fit, more engaged and productive. So, who better than your own employees to provide recommendations for your next great hire? When launching your own employee referral program remember to have a systematic approach that is easy for employees to partake in and that offers incentives for new employees that are hired and pass their probation period.


Effectively train frontline teams


Create certification programs, for frontline employees, that include on-boarding, product details, and key holiday information. Do not take a one size fits all approach to training, but rather customize by role/position. This will ensure that throughout the training employees remain engaged and that they are ultimately being set up for success.


Maintain two-way communications with frontline teams


Avoid top-down communications with front-line teams and provide them a simple and effective two-way communication tool. With the right solution each employee can easily access the information they need in one spot, as well as connect with the right individuals and teams when additional support is needed.


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