Solving Retail Specific Execution Challenges

OpsCenter is an intuitive, multi modular, cloud solution designed specifically for retail to simply and effectively manage and execute store tasks and communications. Because it is a cloud solution, no software installation or maintenance is required and the system can be setup, configured and ready for use in a very short time. Opterus took an Operational slant to communications and task execution and designed the solution to be clean and easy to use with light administration to be maintained by business users. Through Opterus’ modular approach, OpsCenter solves the entire retail communications problem, not just pieces of it. Opterus has seen very strong user adoption at all levels of the retail organization. Upgrades are fast, free, and easy and custom work-flows can be created with no development effort required.

Transforming Retail Communications

Transforming Retail Communications Transforming Retail Communications

One Stop Shop Modular Solution

  • Drive Performance
  • Increase Sales
  • Impact Employee Satisfaction
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Simple, Elegant, and Agile
  • Consistent and Intuitive
  • High User Adoption
  • Low Training Costs
  • Minimal Change Management

Measurable Benefits

  • More effective store preparation has proven a 20% sales increase during peak sales periods.
  • An increase in revenue due to higher conversion for on-time markdown compliance. Task completed on-time go from 50% to 95%+.
  • Savings of 400 hours per month of workload through SOC reporting on tasks. Timely and helpful responses to stores go from 70% to 95%+.
  • Real time visibility to react and make changes promptly when issues arise.

Easy Setup, Training & Deployment

A fully featured custom trial setup can be provided in just a few days which will become your production system. The intuitive UI and strong user acceptance makes for easy training

Configuration Based

Easy to use Administration Module allows for customized work-flow and options.

Standards Based Integration

Optional Web Services Integration supports both internal systems and integrating to customer systems.