CEO Insight - Retail Trends, Post Pandemic Bricks and Mortar

By: Janet Hawkins, CEO & Founder Opterus Inc.

When it comes to bricks and mortar retailers, to reference an old fable, you definitely want to be the piggie that build their house of bricks. That piggy planned for the worse and no matter how much the wolf huffed and puffed, the brick house did not fall down. In this case, obviously the pandemic is the wolf and that piggy’s house is bricks and mortar retailing.

If you are like that piggy, you have already built an organization that is strong and can withstand. This pandemic was unexpected, and it is hard to plan for something as specific as the economic environment it created but it showed me that no matter what, bricks and mortar retail is not going away.

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Retail Banking Solution - Thinking Communications Strategically with OPSCENTER

In the consumer banking industry, just like with brick-and-mortar retailers, there must be a strong and clear focus on the client and client loyalty. That means execution and customer service must be a priority. Opterus wants to help you, help your branches, be as productive and efficient as they can be.

Add to this the uncertainty the pandemic brings; banks are facing altered hours and potential closures of branches, stringent regulations on how to interact with customers and with financial teams, sanitation guidelines, and most importantly, how to keep your branch reps and clients safe. Operational readiness, that you get from effective communication and efficient operational execution, is essential throughout your financial organization.

Opterus’ OPSCENTER Banking solution will help you improve execution, cut costs, and increase customer service and loyalty by putting our proven mobile solution into the hands of your financial representatives.

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Advice for retailers: Be good, do good!

There’s nothing better than a little kindness. Be the good you want to see in the world. Opterus president and CEO, Janet Hawkins, writes about the importance of retailers being socially engaged.

Opterus Social Collaboration

Opterus has taken its philosophy for simplicity, with no compromise to functionality, and has addressed the need for social collaboration within retail organizations with our new solution, Holler, a mobile app that allows for effective communication and gives associates a way to interact that’s fun and familiar.

Engage Associates by easily creating certification programs such as on-boarding, product or skills training…

Do you need a way to consistently on-board, educate and test your associates? You can without having to invest in an expensive LMS solution. Opterus’ Testing and Certification module is one in an inclusive suite of modules Opterus provides to solve your retail communications problems

Get a Configuration Based 360-degree View of your Organization and be more Productive

Opterus’ Store Ops-Center is in an inclusive suite of modules to solve your retail communications problems and provide a 360-degree view of your organization.

Where there's Mystery, There's Margin

Solve the mystery of what happens in your stores! Store Ops-Center is an intuitive, multi modular, cloud solution designed specifically for retail to simply and effectively manage and execute store tasks and communications.

Accountability and Compliance on Executable Tasks

Get the visibility into what your stores are doing and how they are preforming with regards to execution of corporate directives. Become a more efficient, productive and effective retailer. Easily create consistency and transparency and increase employee, and inherently, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

RETAIL BANKING: Thinking strategically about effective internal communication

In retail banking, similar to traditional brick and mortar retail, the focus is on the individual consumer. More so now, as customer experience becomes a major differentiator for customer loyalty in all areas of retail, effective internal communication in retail banking will be extremely important as this sector continues to grow.

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Make Life Better for your District & Regional Managers

Life can be very busy for your regional and district managers. Opterus offers an inclusive suite of mobile accessible modules that will make the lives of your DMs and RMs better. With a snapshot view of store execution your management level associates can be more focused and as a result be more productive during store visits.